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We specialize in the creation of several music genres. We help remix and create mashups. Movie soundtracks. Chill out music. Music for yoga. Video games and video effects.

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Answers to Your Questions

What music genres can you work on?

We are specialized in dance music, chill out, funky house, pop, italo disco. We also work on specific music for Yoga centers, video games, shopping centers, jingles, advertisements. We do offer a service to remix your song, do mashups and song evaluation, and much more.

What software or equipment do you use?

Our 3 main music production software are Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live and Pro Tools. We use a variety of plugins to emulate and create sounds and effects. For video editing, we are experienced in Da Vinci Resolve and Final cut. 

What type of files do you produce or accept ?

If you need to send us demos or music, we accept MP3 files, However if you need to send us music to work on, we will accept WAV and AIFF files.

Do you offer mixing or mastering?

Certainly. We just need to listen to your project first and understand your needs.

Do you offer vocal editing or vocal processing?

Depending on the type of vocals, we can process most of styles needed for genres.

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Music on Demand